The Boys of Birmingham

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Letter from Jack the Ripper, alias Dr. Jack Reinhardt, alias J. Edgar Hoover in a way, who mailed Dr. King such a similar love note. Tsk!

From hell
Mr Lusk
I send you half the
Kidne I took from one women
prasarved it for you tother pirce
I fried and ate it was very nise I
may send you the bloody knif that
took it out if you only wate a whil
Catch me when
you Can
Mishter Lusk. [sic]

And if you don't believe me, and if you think I lie, then come on down to Old Mill Town and see the same as I. Women and men die equally easily. What, is it boring?
Jack was college educated and a member of the 1% of his time who could both read and write and was able to access writing the local newspapers. They had about a five percent literacy rate in England during the 1870s, you see. Hiding his identity today, those who keep up James Earl Ray. Gee, I did too, but let's go hunt for everyone else who killed Dr. King. Why not?
Indeed, maybe it somehow makes up for the Ripper murders?
I REALLY doubt that.
Jack dumbed down the letter on purpose to hide his identity as Dr. Jack Reinhardt. Dr. King dumbed down ALL of his speeches. Adolf Hitler, the closet intellectual that he was, also dumbed down absolutely everything he wrote, although he only had a high school education. Tsk, tsk and as in tsk. Like Hitler, I also avidly read everything I could grab. I well rounded what I read on purpose.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yes, it all probably happened. However, Ennis Cosby is very dead.

New Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward With Graphic Details of Alleged Sexual Assault

The seemingly endless list of women who've accused Bill Cosby of sexually abusing them has just grown by one.
Former aspiring actress/model Heidi Thomas told CNN on Tuesday that the former "The Cosby Show" star took advantage of her in 1984, in Reno, Nevada.
In an account that's becoming all too familiar, Thomas claims she was instructed by her agency to visit Cosby, who was performing at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Reno, from her home town of Denver so he could give her pointers on acting. According to Thomas, she performed a monologue for Cosby, after which he told her to do a read as a drunk person.
"How are you ever going play an intoxicated person ... if you've never been drunk?" Cosby said, then gave her a glass of Chablis, according to her explanation. That's when she says things grew "foggy."
New Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward With Graphic Details of Alleged Sexual Assault© Provided by TheWrap New Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward With Graphic Details of Alleged Sexual Assault
According to Thomas, she woke up to find Cosby in bed with her. The comedian was naked and "forcing himself in my mouth," Thomas claims.
Later, Cosby told her, "I'm your friend ... your friend is gonna (ejaculate) again," Thomas told CNN.
Thomas recalls storming out, but said she apologized for her "rude" behavior and rode to Cosby's show with him. Months later, Thomas said, she traveled to see him backstage at a show in St. Louis, but they never discussed the alleged Reno incident.
A representative for Cosby has not returned TheWrap's request for comment.
The story had been kept a closely guarded secret for over 30 years until, Thomas says, she discovered that her parents have long known something had happened during her trip to Reno, compelling her to go public.
Thomas is one of dozens of women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct. Cosby has denied the allegations, with his attorney Martin Singer having previously said, "The new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they say occurred 30, 40 or even 50 years ago have escalated far past the point of absurdity."
Cosby's career has taken a number of hits since the allegations began surfacing. NBC decided to ax a comedy that it was developing for the comedian to star in, while Netflix postponed a comedy special starring Cosby that had been scheduled to run over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jury may see butt-injecting defendant's - umm, related article. Not a mistake.

Authorities: Explosion near NAACP office targeted accountant

By SADIE GURMAN, Associated Press

DENVER — The man accused of setting off a small explosion last month that rattled nerves because of its proximity to a Colorado NAACP facility was in a rage over his financial problems and was actually targeting his accountant's office, according to court documents filed Friday.
Thaddeus Murphy, 44, told federal agents he made the pipe bomb out of a shotgun shell and fireworks fuses, according to the documents. He said he was angry because the accountant wouldn't return his phone calls or give him back his tax records.
Murphy has been charged with arson of a building and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was due to appear in federal court later Friday. Court records didn't list his attorney.
The accountant ran his business from the same building as offices of the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP.
No one was hurt in the Jan. 6 explosion adjacent to a wall of Mr. G's Hair Design Studios, a barber shop that also shares the building in a mostly residential neighborhood.
The crude device caused minor damage, failing to ignite a canister of gasoline set next to it. But the FBI said at the time that even if the canister had ignited, the damage likely would have been minimal.
Still, the explosion gained widespread attention due to its closeness to the nation's oldest civil rights organization, and the FBI investigated it as a possible hate crime.
No one answered the phone Friday at the NAACP offices.
Murphy told investigators he made the pipe bomb in his garage the night before the blast, using instructions he found online and materials he used in his work as a carpenter, according to court records.
Murphy believed the accountant intentionally destroyed his tax records, and he told investigators he "flipped out" because of his financial problems, the documents show. He said he wanted to send the accountant a warning.
"Murphy admitted the rationale for the pipe bomb was rage," the documents say.
Investigators searched his house and found at least seven firearms, which he is barred from having because he is a convicted felon. They also found a pack of road flares with one missing, a hobby fuse and 3 ½ pounds of commercially available explosive.
Witnesses told investigators they saw a white Ford pickup truck near the scene of the blast.
A Colorado Springs police detective spotted a matching vehicle Feb. 10, which led authorities to Murphy. They watched him for several days before arresting him Thursday, according to the documents.
Among other evidence, Murphy's cellphone records showed he had been close to the crime scene, and authorities found dog hair inside the pipe bomb that matched a brown pit bull living in Murphy's home, the documents show.
Court records show Murphy's criminal history includes a felony theft conviction for which he was sentenced to five years in prison in 2009.

KKK Grand Dragon

Huh? KKK Grand Dragon Claims He Was Victim Of Discrimination

A Philadelphia man claims he was discriminated against after he was kicked off of his neighborhood watch when he was found to be distributing literature for a “conservative Christian group” to his neighbors.
The group? The East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire, a branch of the Ku Klux Klan.
William Walters has lived in Tacony, a neighborhood in northeast Philadelphia, for over 20 years. He’s been a Grand Dragon of the KKK for over 30, Philadelphia Magazine reports.
But Walters’ neighbors were unaware of the affiliation until he began distributing literature in an attempt to draw fresh faces to the infamous hood-wearing group.
“We received information that Bill had been distributing flyers in the neighborhood trying to recruit new members,” Tacony Town Watch president Joe Nicoletti told Philadelphia Magazine.
“And part of our bylaws state that members must promote harmony in the neighborhood, and we all know that harmony is not what the KKK is about,” said Nicoletti.
But Walters is crying foul.
“We are a conservative Christian group,” he claimed. “My rights were infringed upon. I can’t believe in what I want to? This has infringed on my First Amendment rights. It’s reverse discrimination.”
According to Philadelphia Magazine, several lawyers have refused to take on his case. The American Civil Liberties Union also refused to help him. Now he is awaiting a response from the Philadelphia Bar Association.
As most KKK members do, Walters claims that the organization has a bad rap and that it has changed its ways.
“I know we have a bad name, but it’s not that way no more,” he said.
“When was the last time a black or Hispanic got hung on a tree?” asked Walters, whose Facebook contains a number of posts opposing homosexuality and interracial relationships.
If he is unable to find legal representation, Walters said he may take matters into his own hands by forming a town watch with his KKK buddies.
“We’re basically the same thing as the town watch,” Walters told Philadelphia Magazine. “We want to try to get rid of the trash coming in.”

Monday, February 16, 2015

FBI probes claim suspects in 1946 Georgia mass lynching may be alive

Jon Swaine in Monroe, Georgia

US authorities are investigating whether some of those responsible for one of the American south’s most notorious mass lynchings are still alive, in an attempt to finally bring prosecutions over the brutal unsolved killings.
FBI agents questioned a man in Georgia who was among several in their 80s and 90s newly named in connection with the Moore’s Ford Bridge lynching of 1946 on a list given to the US Department of Justice by civil rights activists, he told the Guardian.
Speaking at his home in Monroe, 10 miles west of the lynching site, Charlie Peppers denied taking part in the killings of four African Americans who were tied up and shot 60 times by a white mob.
“Heck no,” said Peppers, 86, when asked if he was involved. “Back when all that happened, I didn’t even know where Moore’s Ford was.” Peppers, who was 18 at the time of the lynching, said: “The blacks are blaming people that didn’t even know what happened back then.”
A report by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) published last week found at least 700 more lynchings than had previously been recorded in southern states, renewing calls from campaigners for any suspects still at large to be brought to justice before it is too late.
The Moore’s Ford incident, widely described as America’s last mass lynching, stands out as a particularly brutal case even in Georgia, where more lynchings were recorded between 1877 and 1950 than in any other state, according to the EJI study. The report was the result of almost five years of investigations into lynchings in 12 southern states.
No one was ever prosecuted for the killings on 25 July 1946 of two black couples in their 20s: George and Mae Murray Dorsey, and Dorothy and Roger Malcom. According to unconfirmed claims from the time that are now asserted by campaigners, Dorothy Malcom was heavily pregnant and her unborn baby was cut from her body by the attackers.
An outraged President Harry Truman ordered a federal investigation and rewards totalling $12,500 – worth more than $150,000 today – were offered for information leading to a conviction. A grand jury was convened and heard evidence for three weeks. Yet no indictments were brought for the killings, which have long been linked to the Ku Klux Klan.
However then-Georgia governor Roy Barnes reopened the state’s inquiry in 2000 and the FBI reopened its own case in 2007. Georgia state representative Tyrone Brooks, who leads an annual re-enactment of the lynching as part of a campaign for justice, said the absence of prosecutions still hurts black residents of the area.
“There is a lot of pain, a lot of frustration and a lot of disappointment,” said Brooks. “Because it has always said – like other cases have suggested more recently – that black lives don’t matter”.
Fords Bridge Lynching© Provided by Guardian News Fords Bridge LynchingCoroner WT Brown holds a piece of rope used in the lynching. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis
Peppers was accused of being involved by his nephew, Wayne Watson. Video of Watson, 57, claiming in 2013 that Peppers and several other men from the area had spoken of their involvement in the killings was given to the US Department of Justice by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
“All through my life, I heard them talk about the Moore’s Ford and the lynching,” said Watson, in an April 2013 interview. “I’m tired of it, when you go through life, and you’re living with lies.”
Watson alleged that several of the men he named were Klan members. When asked this week Peppers denied he is or ever was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
Watson said he had previously given information on the lynching to the city police and was ignored.
Watson made his remarks to Benjamin Jealous, who was then the NAACP president. Hilary Shelton, the NAACP’s Washington Bureau director, told the Guardian this week that during a meeting he handed a DVD containing the video footage to Thomas Perez, who was then the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division and is now the US Labor Secretary, and urged him to take action.
“We already knew it was true that some of them were still here, and still alive, but we just needed people who could name names,” said Edward Dubose, an NAACP national board member and former Georgia branch president, who has campaigned for many years on the issue.
Peppers said he was visited at his home by two FBI agents, one man and one woman, last year and was questioned for about 40 minutes. He said he asked them: “Why in the world are y’all bringing stuff up that happened 60 years ago. Why didn’t y’all do something about it then?” The male agent called Peppers a week later asking for further details of his family, he said.
The victims of the lynching, who were sharecroppers, were killed after Roger Malcom was bailed from Walton County Jail on charges of stabbing Barnette Hester, a 29-year-old white farmer. Hester was rumoured locally to be having an affair with Roger’s wife, Dorothy, according to Laura Wexler, the author ofFire In A Canebrake, a 2003 book on the killings.
The couples were seized by a crowd on a dirt road while being driven home in a truck by Loy Harrison, a white farmer who had paid to bail Malcom out of jail. They were beaten, dragged to a clearing beside the Apalachee River and shot. Harrison, who escaped unharmed and said he was ambushed, has been accused by civil rights activists of being a Klan member and helping to set up the lynching.
Investigators at the time reported difficulty in obtaining statements and evidence on the killings. A conspiracy of silence among the white residents of the area was blamed. Bullets and shell casings were recovered from trees and the surrounding area but little other evidence existed at the time.
The killing of George Dorsey, who was a second world war veteran, caused particular outrage. Eventually about 55 suspects or people of interest were identified. Several were called to testify to the grand jury but none was charged.
Moore Ford Bridge lynching© Provided by Guardian News Moore Ford Bridge lynchingLoy Harrison, left, shows Sheriff JM Bond, centre and coroner WT Brown where four African-Americans were killed by a mob of white men on 25 July 1946, near Monroe, Georgia. Photograph: Rudolph Faircloth/AP
In July 2008 the FBI and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said they had collected material from a home in Walton County that was being investigated further. Watson said in his interview that he had provided the tip-off for that raid.
Special Agent Stephen Emmett, a spokesman for the FBI’s Atlanta field office, declined to discuss the case or Peppers’s questioning.
“We’re not going to be able to confirm or clarify any development that you’re describing,” said Emmett. “It’s still a pending investigation”.
The Department of Justice did not respond to several requests for comment. A spokeswoman for the GBI referred all inquiries to the FBI.
Watson told Jealous he had been shunned by members of his family after entering a relationship with a black woman. “I want it all over with, the racism,” he said.
Watson said in the video that he had spent time in jail. According to public records he was convicted in 1999 of obstructing a law enforcement officer. He could not be reached for comment. Two neighbours at his last known address said he had been evicted and was thought to now have no permanent home.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seems the FBI still manages to care, in spite of its drawbacks. Always, it's after the fact. And the killer got away. Again.

After up to 17 victims, cops still can’t find the Gilgo Beach Killer

It was a bitterly cold afternoon four years ago when a Suffolk County cop’s German shepherd sniffed out the skeletal corpse of Melissa Barthelemy, 24, a Bronx prostitute who had vanished a year and a half earlier.
The cop had been looking for a different woman, but the dog’s discovery of Barthelemy’s body in a crumbling burlap sack amid the thorny underbrush off Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach, Long Island, exposed something unexpected.
It was the sickening work of one of New York’s most prolific serial killers ever — with a body count of at least 10 victims and as many as 17.
Dubbed the Gilgo Beach Killer, he’s been stalking and slaughtering his prey for two decades, some believe, with a methodical efficiency that has detectives no closer to catching him today than they were on that frigid day of Dec. 11, 2010.
The search for the elusive predator has, in fact, stalled, according to a police source.
Detectives have not advanced the case in recent months and are in need of a tip from the public or lucky break, says the source, who has access to information about the probe.
“It’s been four years, and they’ve not got too much to show for it,” said the State Police officer, who is not involved in the investigation but is familiar with the work of those who are.
Suffolk County cops will say nothing. They’ve refused to speak with the media and won’t tell families of victims what they’re doing or if any progress has been made.
 - Mother of victim
The department is “not commenting further at this time on the Gilgo investigation until or unless we have some additional information pertaining to the investigation that serves the investigation or the public by its release,” a spokesman said.
Being left in the dark has infuriated some of the families.
“All they say is that when they find the killer, I’ll be the first to know,” said Marie Ducharme, the mother of victim Maureen Brainard-Barnes. “They’re lying. They’re saying that just to keep me satisfied.”
Ducharme slammed police for how they’ve conducted their probe, which has been plagued by unfounded rumors, misinformation, public spats among officials and flip-flopping theories — with probers vacillating between there being one or two murderers. (It’s one, police say now.)
“If they had [done a good job], they would have found the killer already,” she said.
Modal Trigger
Police discovered the remains of 24-year-old Melissa Barthelemy in December 2010, after she had been missing for over a year and a half.

The Gilgo Girls

Within days of unearthing Barthelemy’s remains, police found the bodies of three more young call girls who booked appointments on Craigslist and went missing between 2007 and 2010: Brainard-Barnes, 25; Megan Waterman, 22; and Amber Lynn Costello, 27.
Each had been strangled elsewhere, wedged into burlap and dumped amid thick scrub just off the sand-swept causeway on the inlet side of Gilgo in the town of Babylon.
Six more bodies, or parts of bodies, were discovered over the next year in different areas of Suffolk and Nassau counties. Some victims had been hacked up, their limbs scattered across remote sections of Gilgo, Oak Beach and elsewhere.
Modal Trigger
After Barthelemy’s remains were discovered, police found the following three bodies of young call girls who had gone missing between 2007 and 2010. Above is 25-year-old Maureen Brainard-Barnes.Photo: Splash News
Among them was a young Asian man dressed as a woman killed by a blow to the head and a female sex worker and her toddler child, who was found wrapped in a blanket. Both mother and daughter had on inexpensive jewelry. Officials displayed the girl’s earrings and necklace in the hope that someone might recognize the items.
Modal Trigger
27-year-old Amber Lynn Costello.Photo: Splash News
They also put out artist sketches of the two unknown adults, which generated tips but failed to solve the mystery of their identities. Of the 10 bodies, just five have been identified — the original four plus Jessica Taylor, 20, a prostitute whose skull, hands and forearm were recovered in May 2011 near Gilgo. She’d been dead for many years; police recovered her torso in Manorville in 2003.
Modal Trigger
22-year-old Megan Waterman.Photo: Splash News
Seven more possible victims have since been considered.
They include “Peaches,” a black woman whose tattooed torso, featuring a heart-shaped peach on her left breast, turned up in a Rubbermaid container in 1997 in Hempstead Lake State Park; “Cherries,” another female with a tattoo — of two cherries, also on her left breast — who’d been stabbed and washed up on a beach in Mamaronek in 2007; and two Long Island prostitutes, one identified as Tanya Rush, 39, a Brooklyn mom whose hacked-up body was found in 2008 in a small suitcase off the Southern State Parkway in Bellmore.
Cops are studying two more bodies, each found in 2013: the remains of an Asian woman in Lattingtown, near Oyster Bay, who had on a necklace with a 22-karat gold pendant of a pig, and Natasha Jugo, 31, a Yugoslavian-American woman from Queens whose body washed up onto Gilgo Beach on June 24, 2013.
The group also includes Shannan Gilbert, the call girl whose disappearance in May 2010 prompted the search that led police to Barthelemy.
Gilbert had fled the home of a wealthy client in Oak Beach, Joseph Brewer, in what appeared to be a drug-induced panic, then made a cellphone call in which she claimed, “They’re trying to kill me.”
At one point she pleaded with a neighbor for assistance. Police say she ran off again and died accidentally, possibly by drowning in a marsh, and was not a victim of foul play.
Her badly decomposed body was found in December 2011 not far from where she was last seen.
Modal Trigger
An unidentified Asian male, who’s remains were discovered in women’s clothing, was also recovered in the spring of 2011 in Gilgo.Photo: Victor Alcorn
Her mother, Mari Gilbert, insists Shannan was killed — and sued a doctor, Peter Hackett, who saw her that night and allegedly did nothing to help. The suit says Hackett, whose home Gilbert ran to on the night of her death, gave her drugs and sent her off. Much of her complaint has been tossed out on a technicality involving statutes of limitations.
Mari also sued the Suffolk County PD and enlisted the assistance of renowned medical examiner Michael Baden to review her daughter’s autopsy and have her case reclassified as a homicide. Baden is at work on the matter now.

Chilling phone calls

Investigators believe the killer is probably an educated white man in his 30s or 40s, married or with a girlfriend, who knows the South Shore of Long Island well — living there now or previously.
Modal Trigger
Jessica Taylor’s remains were identified after police recovered her skull near Gilgo in May, 2011. Police had recovered her torso from Manorville in 2003.Photo: AP
They surmise he is comfortable financially, owns a car or truck needed to transport victims, and could have a job in which he has ready access to burlap sacks — such as with a garden center or nursery. They believe he is tech-savvy and familiar with police methods, possibly working in law-enforcement or having friends who do.
Modal Trigger
Similar to Taylor, the torso of “Jane Doe No. 6″ was discovered in Manorville in 2000. In the spring of 2011, her head, hands and legs were found in Ocean Parkway.Photo: Reuters
Police are fairly certain that he buried some bodies or stored them before dumping them, and it’s possible he only visits the area seasonally since the first four women who were found disappeared between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Could he be abducting his victims during the summer, then disposing of their corpses in winter, when few people are around? The first four victims vanished between three years and three months prior to their remains being discovered. But it’s unclear if the killer put them there all at once or over time.
He is, in short, blending in, hiding behind an Average Joe facade while plotting his next murder, police believe. The most recent known victim is Costello, 27, who lived 10 miles north of Gilgo in North Babylon and was last seen on Sept. 2, 2010, when she went to meet a john who had offered her $1,500.
The killer possesses an especially sadistic streak: he used Melissa Barthelemy’s cellphone to call her sibling Amanda’s cell within days of Melissa’s disappearance on July 10, 2009.
Modal Trigger
The remains of 31-year-old Natasha Jugo washed up onto Gilgo Beach June, 2013. Cops are still studying her case to determine if it’s in connection with the others.
“Is this Melissa’s little sister?” the killer asked, according to the girls’ mom.
“Yes,” replied the 16-year-old girl.
“Do you know what your sister is doing?” he said. “She’s a whore.”
That was something Melissa had not revealed. “No one else knew,” said their mother, Lynn Barthelemy, noting that the killer’s information had to have been extracted from Melissa.
He called the terrified teen half a dozen more times — each time using Melissa’s cellphone, with police listening in and trying to trace the call. Her parents wondered if the killer had gotten a glimpse of Amanda during the girl’s two visits to see Melissa in New York.
NYPD cops did their best, pinpointing the calls to crowded areas of Midtown Manhattan but couldn’t find him. They also believe the killer turned on the phone once in Massapequa — a town just 10 miles from Gilgo.

The suspects

The Gilgo Beach Killer is the fourth fiend to slay multiple prostitutes on Long Island since 1989, so cops have been down this road before — and had no shortage of potential suspects.
Modal Trigger
Shannan Gilbert went missing in May, 2010 and her body was discovered in December, 2011. Though cops have ruled her death an accident, her disappearance prompted the discovery of the first bodies.Photo: AP
One person of interest was Lucius Crawford, a 60-year-old ex-con from Westchester County who was wanted for stabbing to death two women in the 1990s — one in Yonkers; one in The Bronx — and was in jail for a stabbing from 1995 to 2008. When cops found him in 2012, he was at home with a third dead woman in his bed. But police crossed him off their list, citing a lack of evidence.
As they did with Joel Rifkin and Robert Shulman, who went on killing sprees 25 years ago and were in prison at the time of the Gilgo murders. Collectively, the lone wolves were convicted of killing 14 woman, though Rifkin, who murdered nine, was suspected in 17 additional deaths. Both eluded capture for five years and are now serving life sentences.
They also eliminated John Bittrolff, 48, a carpenter from Manorville, LI, who in July was charged with strangling two prostitutes 20 years ago and dumping their naked bodies in the woods near the Long Island Expressway. He’s pleaded not guilty in that case. Cops say he’s suspected in a third murder but not in the Gilgo case, though they have not revealed the exculpatory evidence.
Modal Trigger
Cops have cleared Joseph Brewer, pictured here in 2011, as a suspect. Brewer hired Gilbert the night she died.Photo: Victor Alcorn
Investigators also looked at a pair of NYPD cops who got into trouble for frequenting prostitutes, and James Bissett, a wealthy Long Island businessman who owned a nursery and killed himself in 2011. Rumors swirled about the motives for his suicide, but investigators say he’s been crossed off the list of suspects.
Modal Trigger
The self-published book “Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter,” cast suspicion on a character who bears a strong resemblance to Brewer.
Cops also cleared Brewer, the client who hired Shannan Gilbert on the night she died, and Hackett, the neighbor who Mari Gilbert claims turned away her distraught daughter but not before drugging her.
Brewer admits he hired Gilbert, who was in his house for three hours, but claims the two never had sex and that she fled his home in a paranoid terror after taking a large quantity of drugs.
Hackett claims he gave Gilbert medicine to calm her down and tried to reach her family to get help but no one came and she ran off.
Brewer continues to live under a cloud. A self-published roman à clef, “Confessions of The Oak Beach Drifter,” by an author known only as W.W., casts suspicion on a character (named Damon Brooks in the novel) who bears a strong resemblance to Brewer. The Brooks character beats up a prostitute.

Slipping away

Modal Trigger
Gilgo Beach and Ocean Parkway.Photo: Getty images

So who really is the Gilgo Beach Killer? And will the police ever catch him?
The best chance so far might well have come in Times Square, not Long Island, soon after Melissa Barthelemy vanished in 2009.
That’s when NYPD detectives, working with her mother, Lynn, triangulated one of the killer’s calls to the tourist mecca. They rushed in, dashing into porn shops and other locations, in a frantic bid to nail him.
But he never stayed on the phone for more than three minutes — and soon stopped calling.
The killer slipped away, a face in the crowd.

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